The Purple Maize

The Purple Maize is our take on a classic early 70’s analog phaser pedal. The Purple Maize benefits from have a matched quad set of MOSFET transistors to ensure you get the best possible phasing effect from the pedal. Each pedal is individual hand biased & set up to maximise the classic 70’s phasing effect.

The Purple Maize has 3 control pots, ‘Speed’ controls the speed/rate of the LFO, wave going from a slow wave all the way up to a choppy trem effect. ‘Depth’ controls the depth/amplitude of the modulation, the amount of phasing effect engaged. ‘React’ is a subtle tuning pot, it gives you the opportunity to change the vocal quality of the phasing tone going from a ‘Ohh sound to an Ahh’.
The Purple Maize is a versatile pedal that will take you from classic phaser through to univibe and brown-face style vibrato sounds with the ability to blend in with other effects such a delays, reverbs & even heavy fuzz or overdrive pedals such as the ‘Cornstar’ without losing its essence.

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